Petty theft is the main prevalent problem in Madrid. Otherwise, Madrid is fairly safe. The same safety measures that apply in New York apply across Europe.

1. Be aware of your belongings. Do not bring what you do not need, especially if you are going to a bar or another place at night. Most people ‘lose’ things when they’re being absent-minded or drunk.

2. Try to avoid walking alone at night, whether you are male or female.

3. Never bring anyone you just met back to your accommodation. If your roommate does, watch/lock up any valuables with you.

4. Be aware of pickpockets in touristy places and on the subway.

5. Be concerned with what people might be taking from you, and also with what they might be giving you!

6. Learn about the local laws of your host country and the countries you plan on visiting.

7. If you travel, let your study abroad staff know where you are going and when you are supposed to be back.

US Embassy

When you visit other cities go online and jot down the address of the embassy or consulate in your destination city. It is always good to have in case you lose your passport, are a victim of a crime, need to be informed of your rights, or God forbid, you find yourself in jail.

Ph: (+91) 587 2200

Ph: (+91) 587 2240 (American Citizen Services)

Ph: (+91) 587 2200 (emergencies after hours)



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