There are two options for housing in Madrid:

  • Homestays
  • Apartments


NYU guarantees housing if you chose to do a homestay. They will assign you a homestay, either by yourself or with one or two other students. Usually you live with a senora, not a family.


  • Encourages you to practice Spanish all the time.
  • If you chose to let your Senora cook for you, you get authentic Spanish homemade meals everyday. Not worrying about laundry is also nice!


  • Dietary restrictions (i.e. vegetarian, vegan), could make it hard for the Senora to cook for you. It would of course depend on the senora.
  • Remember the fact that you are living in someone else’s home; you must be respectful of that at all times.


If you chose not to live in a homestay, NYU can set you up in an apartment around the city or you can find your own. The number of people in an apartment can range from two to five.


  • Convenient
  • Having friends over isn’t an issue


  • You don’t get the same cultural experience as a homestay.

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