Madrid has an amazing nightlife scene; one that easily rivals New York’s. Although New York is considered the city that never sleeps, many Madrileños would say otherwise. Many Madrileños find themselves heading home with the sun, and you will too! A relaxed night out in Madrid often doesn’t end until 4 or 5 am. They even boast that they are the best partiers in Western Europe.

Mixed drinks are MUCH stronger in Spain then in the U.S. DRINK RESPONSIBLY!


Chapandaz (Moncloa)
•Cave Bar
•The “panther milk”drinks trickle down from the ceiling

Yambala (Sol, beside San Gines)
•Great cocktails
•Cool back room with pillows
•Live music, and friendly staff

Ojala (Callede San Andrés 1)
•Cool bar/restaurant, sit on the floor covered with sand on pillows and enjoy a “roncon cola”or mojitos

O’Connell’s/ Dubliners (metro Sol)
•Touristy Irish Pubs in Sol
•Many NYU students end up here at first. Make sure you expand your horizons!


Kapital (métro Atocha, c/ Atocha)
•Always fun, but do not go every weekend
•Seven stories with different genres of music on each floor. It’s like going to 7 clubs in one
•Great dancing music
•Wide variety of people to meet
•Decent price (arrive early for discount)
•Entry includes two drink tickets

Pacha (C/ Barcelo11)
•Different party rooms, each with different music to satisfy your music preference.
•There are often lines outside the club so get there EARLY!!!

Joy (c/Calledel Arenal11)
•Mostly techno music
•Great venue
•Don’t get there before 1am.
•Drinks are on the expensive side, but a free drink is included with your entry ticket

Palacio (C/ Arenal9)
•Located right next to Joy in Sol
•Used to be a royal palace, reconstructed as a club. Make sure you don’t miss it! The entrance is unassuming.
•Thursday nights are international student night


Botellon-pre-gaming on the street. This is very common among high schoolers and college kids in Madrid. They will meet up in the park or somewhere on the streets to pre-game before they go out. Don’t be surprised if you are out at 11PM and the streets are lined with groups of teenagers drinking and socializing.


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