Immersion Opportunities

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities:
NYU in Madrid has a few employers come to campus every semester to interview for internships. NYU in Madrid can also set you up with volunteer opportunities, such as tutoring young Madrileños in English.

Intercambios/ Language Exchange Program:
Intercambios are language exchanges in which young Spaniards are paired with you through NYU. You can meet with your intercambio as often as you like, but the goal is to practice speaking Spanish in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Also, it’s a great way to get introduced to other Spanish kids your age. Highly recommended program.

Living in a homestay offers you the opportunity to experience Spanish life as a true local. You are always practicing the language with your Senora, which helps you pick it up faster.

Other Opportunities:
Keep your eyes and ears open for other opportunities to immerse yourself. Many times there will be flyers posted on the bulletin boards on campus about salsa lessons or flamenco show tickets. Also, the “Spain and Its Culture” class has a mandatory workshop, in which you will have the opportunity to cook tapas, dance flamenco, or attend a wine tasting class. Most of all, explore. Go to a new area every week and appreciate the beauty of study abroad.


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