Madrid Barajas Airport

Getting in and out of Madrid is super easy on the Metro.

Take the 8 train from Nuevos Ministerios and exit right into the main terminal at Madrid Barajas Airport.

Another benefit of travelling from Madrid is that there is only 1 main airport.

Unlike other cities where budget airliners fly into secondary airports that are often an hour or more outside of the city (Barcelona Girona, Paris Orly, Milan Bergamo, etc.) Madrid Barajas hosts all major budget carriers and is connected directly to the subway system. Awesome!

  • If you are planning weekend travel, then flying from city to city may be your cheapest option.
  • With flights, the earlier you book, the cheaper it will be.
  • Be aware that the taxes for the flight may be more money than the cost of the actual flight.
  • Many of the cheapest flights leave very early in the morning from airports outside of the city. In some places it can be difficult and expensive to travelto these airports at these very early times because public transportation may not run all night.
  • If you go on a low-fare airline, expect to pay a fee for any stowed luggage you bring.

Here are some suggested sights to find inexpensive flights around Europe:

Aggregated sites –This is a great site that compares all the current deals in themarket. -A flight amalgam offering information for various locations. -A flight amalgam, similar to Kayak. -This discount flight pass allows you to fly from city to city within Europe for $100 each way. For odd cities, this is a great price and probably the cheapest you will find. -Spanish-version of Kayak. -Student fares for flights, hotels, etc. –This site has a sale sometimes for free flights and all you payis taxes. Keep an eye out for those.

Airline companies -Many of the NYU students flew on Ryan Air because they offer what seems to be excellent deals. Some students had great experiences and others had travel nightmares. Watch out for extra fees! –Similar story to Ryan Air. -For Amsterdam. -For Ireland. -Cheap airline based in the Czech Repbulic.


Buses    -It is designed for back-packers which makes it a great way to meet people, and a cheap way to get around—may be more appropriate if you plan to do more traveling during the summer.


Atocha Renfe and Chamartín Train Stations

•Trains are a great way to get around Spain and other parts of Western Europe.

•Atocha Renfe (Metro Atocha) and Chamartín (Metro Chamartín) are the two primary train stations in Madrid.

•To check train schedules visit 

Rail Pass Lists all your train options and information about the trains for all the different European countries.

Eurail-If you are planning on traveling (especially after your semester) you may find that Eurail is the best option. It is a train pass that gives you train travel within 18 European Countries. Not only is it a cheap, convenient way to travel around Europe, but also many Euro trains are super comfy! Buy your tickets in the US as they are more expensive in Europe.


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